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Capybara Bedside LED Light , Clock & Temperature Indicator

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1. Type-C charging port, convenient for charging
2. Night light function
Adjustable light duration
3. Adjustable time brightness and volume
4.Brightness can be adjusted, and can be adjusted manually
5. Touch snooze. When the alarm sounds, you can touch the top to snooze, the snooze time is 5 minutes
6. Always-on display
Switch to the "always-onmode",the display keeps on.
Switch tothe "Energy saving mode",will be off after 8 seconds.After entering the energy saving mode,touch the top button to wake up the display.
7.Battery status display
When charging --- always on
Fully charged---off
Low battery---flashing

Product Show:
Material: ABS,Silicone 
Product size: 120 * 78 * 112mm
Color: yellow
Accessories: Chinese/English manual, data cable

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