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Cow Plush Shoulder Bag

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1.If the bag has smell, You can air the bag or put the orange peel in the bag. Besides, in order to avoid the appearance of smell in advance and let you have a better shopping experience, we will give a deodorizing sachet before delivery.
2.If you see traces of deformation when you receive the bag, it is because the bag may be squeezed in the process of transportation, resulting in deformation and wrinkles, which is a normal phenomenon,and the bag can be restored after a few days. In order to keep the product in the best condition, we will wrap the bag in a dust proof cover and put a large bubble bag in the bag before delivery, keep the shape of the bag during transportation and prevent deformation of the bag.
3.If the bag zipper is not smooth, it is because the new zipper is not fully integrated with the lubricating oil. You can zip it up several times to make it smooth. When we deliver the product, we will use lubricating wax to make sure the zipper is smooth.
4.The bag has good texture, which is easy to take care of in daily life.
5.Capacity: The bag is lightweight and has amazing capacity, it can hold mobile phone, lipstick, tissue and other items.

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